Obamacare, Illegals, and Soaps

Before you think this is just another rant, watch this video about a family who receives a 300 percent increase in their health insurance premiums.


I know I haven’t written in a very long time, not sure if anyone even still visits this site, but I have to write about this subject.

Obamacare…yes, I am sure there are a million articles written on the subject.

First, I thought it may be an over-stretch by Republicans to say it is going to be the end of freedom. However, the more I research, I see their point.

How can working Americans pay for non-working Americans (that are able to work) to have health insurance? Oh, but its supposed to not raise taxes or insurance premiums.

This is just welfare on a huge scale. I mean I thought Medicaid covered people who are low income? Why do we have Medicaid and Obamacare?

I was reading online last night that the health care premiums for Obamacare are double what a typical policy costs am individual.

How can we afford this in this economy? I can’t even afford wi-fi right now. How can the middle class afford anything else?

Groceries are so expensive, families can barely afford food.

This is insanity. Not to mention, I don’t think it’s a good thing to have the government, who can’t even run the post office properly, involved in health care decisions.

It’s just an outrage that people who work hard will have to pay for people who don’t feel like working to have health insurance.

Medicaid covers the poor, Medicare covers the elderly, and Medicare/Medicaid covers the disabled, Veterans are covered and working people generally have insurance through their employer.

So, what’s the point of having this massive undertaking and increase in the size government?

Researching last night, about people who have actually been able to log on to apply for Obamacare, it seems that the premiums will be so expensive that low income earners will not be able to afford the Obamacare premiums anyway (trying to remember the article).

Not to mention current healthcare premiums are going to skyrocket, see the articles below.

Who cares if the dems or republicans win this shutdown battle?

I refuse to work 80 hours a week to pay for tax hikes, that I am sure are coming, so someone else can stay home and watch soaps, and get their healthcare for free!

Is this program generally for illegals? Does anyone know for a fact if illegals will be eligible for Obamacare?

I keep finding conflicting articles on the subject of if illegals are covered or not. Again, I am not working 80 hours a week for illegals to sit at home and watch soaps and get free healthcare! Duh.






To My Family and Friends

I am truly sorry to everyone in my personal life I have hurt.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

All my love,


Blogging Advice for Beginners

When you start a blog, please don’t make the same mistake I did and tell people in your personal life of your website.


Then, you have to be careful about every single word you post, and lose the ability to write your thoughts freely.


Many people in my personal life have been highly offended at some of my posts.

Writing is so boring though if it isn’t from the heart!

Oh we’ll, going to keep on spuing out my odd thoughts and the people I know will just have to deal!

If I can’t write what I wish, why write?

Duh on my part!


What Happened?

Basic needs seem to not be met, from what people are telling me this week.

For example: families having their electric shut off and cannot afford to turn it back on. How can this be?

In all honesty, I have never seen the economy so bad in my lifetime.

Seems like every person I have spoke with this week is in serious need of just basic, food, clothing, shelter, utilities, etc.

The basics were at one time easy for these middle class families to afford.

Cannot believe families are having to live without electric in their home.

Shitty Economy…worse than shitty.

Don’t know what to call it…whatever means worse than shitty.

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Good Morning!

Hello everyone,

Well I now have wi-fi. However, I cannot get the notebook or laptop to connect to the wi-fi. I worked on it forever last night and cannot figure out why it will not connect.

My iPhone connected right to the new wi fi router but I cannot get the laptops to connect, so guess I will have to call tech support to fix it.

It is hard to blog from the iPhone.

Guess may have to start reading and commenting from the phone, just get some reading glasses.

Miss everyone!



Your New Posts

Hello WP Bloggers,

Wanted to let you know, that my wi fi is down, and that’s the reason I have been unable to comment on your blog posts lately.

I am using the iPhone right now, but it uses up too much of the data to comment on other posts from the phone.

Wi fi should be up and running shortly, I will visit your new posts as soon as it is fixed.

Miss reading my WP peeps blog posts!



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